“Forgive Me” – A review

A soul-stirring production with several key messages, Ismail presents a thought-provoking track. His first production focused on a visual story, we see the importance of asking for forgiveness, under-taking self-reflection and self-accountability, and ultimately being grateful for the Almighty’s blessings upon us.

Translating the lyrical message into a video story, is much easier said than done, yet Ismail’s team has beautifully put together a video production which marries the philosophical message with a visual context. Most importantly, the final shot panning to the Masjid, is a stark reminder for us to return to our Lord, and to step out of this state of ghaflah [heedlessness] we find ourselves in; to seek his assistance when in need and that our worldly desires are ultimately meaningless.

Ismail’s production will hit home with many of his young followers, at a time of immense societal pressures, educational stresses, social ills; Ismail presents a simple message – seek your Lord. A message of positivity and motivation, the track touches upon several themes which will hopefully inspire many to take heed.

Musically, the track puts forth the raw emotion of the poet, choosing scales which present emotion more explicitly; it is clear that there has been much planning in this production and the execution has been simply excellent. The first of his contemporaries to seamlessly match all three departments of lyrics, composition and videography within a singular theme, Ismail has taken Project 5 to new heights.

You can listen to “Forgive Me” on all major platforms.

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