“Ya Nabi” – A review

A melodic presentation, carried through with a heartfelt strings arrangement, Ismail presents his second track ‘Ya Nabi’ in show-stopping fashion. Light, and joyful this is a track to save for the Mawlid season!  

The lyrical accompaniment with the composition, produces a soft blend, leading one to reminisce of the last time he was present in the court of RasoolAllah ﷺ. Ismail has followed through with his opening track (Hu Allah) and has produced a beautiful rendition in the praise of the Beloved.

The videography and post-production have been excellent, with transitions, effects and camera angles perfectly complementing the graceful ambience produced by the music.  Without compromising attention to detail, the production shot in Sharjah UAE, balances displaying the architectural magnificence of the location with the central theme

You can listen to “Ya Nabi” on all major platforms.

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