Ya Syedi

“Ya Syedi” – A review

Ismail presents his fourth track of Project 5, ‘Ya Syedi’ – a melodic arrangement in the praise of the best of creation ﷺ. Strikingly, he does not adopt a linear musical approach to this track, adopting instead to take swift ‘compositional’ turns left and right. A somewhat risky decision, yet this has paid dividends; Ismail flawlessly takes the listener on a musical journey, adding character, depth and brevity to an otherwise a fantastic melody.

Shot in several locations, there are several key messages which can be extrapolated; the importance of knowledge being a central theme. The videography once again matches the lyrical message perfectly and presents a well-balanced account of differing shots. Overall, Ismail has produced a well-knit production for his penultimate track of Project 5; we eagerly await his final release!

You can listen to “Ya Syedi” on all major platforms.

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